Zenfolio | Gordon Lewis | Beijing and Xi'an, China -- June 2012
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This is a selection of my best travel and street photos from a 9-day visit to Beijing and Xi'an, China. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and its second largest city, with a total metropolitan population of 19.6 million. Xi'an, for those who don't already know, was the original capital of Imperial China and is where the terra cotta warriors are buried. In both cities I was fortunate to experience rare days of clear blue skies. Overcast skies due to air pollution is the norm. Regardless, the constant activity makes them as much a street and travel photographer's dream as they are a challenge.
Tienamen Square, opposite the Forbidden CityEntrance to Forbidden CityForbidden City maintenance workerForbidden City crowdsParental improvisationParasols are common among ladies who want to protect their skin from direct sunlight.Paper parasolsStreet vendor, BeijingThe ubiquitous bicycleThe equally ubiquitous modified motor scooterBao for breakfastBeer, breakfast of championsChinese sweetsOutdoor chef being teased by co-workerFruit juice standCoconut vendorXi'an Central Train StationStatue of Qin Shi Huang, 1st emperor of China, in Xi'anStreet vendor, Xi'anShop vendor, Xi'an

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